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Judi Phelps

President & Staff Instructor



Scott Phelps

Vice President & Staff Instructor



Michael R. Moran, Esq.

General Counsel & Staff Instructor



We are patriots and good citizens that desire to train others who share these traits and who want quality defensive training. Our staff consists of Americans who have devoted their lives to their communities, state and country. We are the real deal day to day operators and professional gun toters. Although our instructors come from all walks of life and include hundreds of years of experience in law enforcement, private security, the military and as armed citizens, they all share a passion to provide quality, time-tested training. We are glad to provide documentation of our instructors’ credentials upon any legitimate inquiries from prospective students, former students, and others. Watch who you train with – just because someone was in the special forces or law enforcement does not make them a competent instructor for citizen self-defense scenarios. Quality matters versus quantity. We have no desire to be the “biggest” school, but we do strive to be the best!

Our qualified staff is ready to help you with all of your training needs. Give us a call.

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66211 Bethel Road
New Plymouth, Ohio  45654

(740) 596-1984

Hours:  Range Open to Public by Appointment Only

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