Brad Hennebert

Brad Hennebert (pictured left with Larry Vickers as class “Top Shot”) is a championship competitive shooter since 2001 who has shot the National Matches at Camp Perry, an NRA pistol instructor since 2008 who has provided competency certification for hundreds of Ohio concealed handgun licensees, and a former Akron Municipal Court bailiff. He has owned a residential security business in the past and operated a gun dealership. His gun-related training includes the New Albany Shooting Range Basic CCW Course, U.S. Army Small Arms Firing School, NRA basic instructional training and basic pistol instructor course, Glock Armorer’s Course, DTI / John Farnam Personal Protection Specialists Course, Farnam Advanced Pistol, Shotgun & Urban Rifle Course, Vickers Tactical / Larry Vickers 1911 Operator Course, Vickers Tactical Advanced Handgun Course, Vickers Tactical Advanced Operator Course, and the Mike See Skill Building Course. Brad is an NRA-ranked High Power Rifle Expert. He has won over 250 pistol matches, including NRA Action Pistol, Bullseye and Service Rifle, CCW competitions, and Glock Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF) matches. He is a GSSF Scoring Official and Range Officer. He has designed multiple tactically-oriented competition scenarios and courses of fire for semi-automatic and automatic rifles, shotguns, plus handguns and administered shooting leagues for a large indoor commercial range. Brad is working with On Guard Defense to coordinate the OGD club leagues and he serves as an instructor for various handgun and rifle courses. He can be reached at


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