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Ohio's Premier Firearms Training Center and Shooting Range

Safe, fun, outdoor shooting sports for the whole family! Click here to book your range time.

On Guard Defense is NOT your typical shooting range.  Safety comes first & the fun follows! Instructors and Range Safety Officers are always present on our ranges to keep you safe and offer help when you need it.  From new shooters that might need more individualized attention to experienced shooters that want to draw from the holster or engage multiple targets...we can do that! So grab your friends & come on out!  If you're planning to stay in the area for a day or two, check out our link here for our recommended places to eat, to visit, and to lay your head down at night.

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Defensive Training Classes and Shooting Events for the Entire Family

Defensive Training and Gun Safety Classes

Defensive Pistol
firearms training classes

So you've got your gun and gear, but it's sitting in the safe.  That's the case with most folks that have their Concealed Handgun License, too.  Why have a gun if you don't have it when you really need it? 

Our Defensive Pistol courses provide you the training you need to learn how to run your gun with confidence, so you'll never leave home without it. 

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Defensive Rifle
local AR-15 classes

Everyone loves the AR-15, but there's a big difference between plinking targets and defending your family from a home invasion! 

Can you identify a threat and get your shots on target under stress?  Can you shoot from a position other than a stationary bench and shoot on the move? Will you know how to quickly resolve problems if you hear a click and wanted a bang?

Sh*t happens!  Know what to do when it happens to you!

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Defensive Knife
Defensive knife Martial Blade Concepts

Most of us carry a knife in our pockets or purses because they are so useful for everyday tasks. But if your knife becomes your primary tool for self-defense and/or you are attacked by a knife-wielding maniac, you want to be prepared to defend and fight back!

This workshop covers blade deployment, grip and stance, defensive responses, targeting, and flow drills (building reps).

Bring your own trainer knife or you can borrow ours at no extra charge.

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Concealed Carry (CHL/CCW)
Ohio Concealed Handgun License

No gun?  No problem!  We provide the gun, ammo and everything you need to earn your certificate in a single day. 

Includes lunch and five free hours of range time for future visits to reinforce what you learn! 

Open to ages 18 & older.  Must be 21 to apply for Ohio Concealed Handgun License (CHL).

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Hunter Education Course
Hunter Education Course

Gear up for hunting season by attending our free Ohio Hunter Education Course, designed for adults and kids 8 years and older.  You'll learn everything you need to know about how to be safe, ethical, and respectful of nature while hunting game. 

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Lady Warrior Weekend
Ladies Night Shooting Class

Lady Warrior Weekend is the ultimate girls' getaway that is fun, builds confidence, and helps women resurrect the Lady Warrior within them.

It's a scary world out there and we're the primary target. This retreat is designed for women of all backgrounds and skill levels who are  sick and tired of feeling vulnerable and want to learn the skills they need to triumph against evil!

Designed by women and for women, Lady Warrior Weekends will teach you how to escape common attacks and defend yourselves when you are left with no other option.

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Couples Home Defense
defending my home

When there are multiple guns in the house, couples must learn to work together to defend their family and castle!  The last thing you want is to injure or kill a loved one while trying to defend your family from a threat. 

Couples Home Defense weekend is packed with instruction, skills  & drills to help you and your partner work efficiently and cohesively to respond to real-world threats.

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Self-Defense (Krav Maga)
local krav maga training

Guns are great! But sometimes you just can't carry.  Or you might get caught off guard and need to fight your way to your gun.  That's why it is so important to learn the skills you need to defend in a situation that is just too close for comfort.

We teach Krav Maga - a defense system developed by the Israeli Defense Forces -  and the best way to learn simple, effective techniques to escape and defend. 

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NRA Range Safety Officer
RSO certification course

If you want to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitude required to run a safe and efficient range, the Gold standard in the firearms industry is the NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO) designation. 

This course involves lecture & role-playing scenarios to help new RSOs work independently and as a team to ensure range safety and operations.

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Teen Adventure Camp
Teen Summer Camp

Don't let your teens become screen zombies this summer!  Send them into the great outdoors for a kick-butt day camp where they'll get to learn about firearms safety, experience archery, pistol & rifle shooting and build unarmed self-defense skills using Krav Maga!!

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First Shots
firearms training for kids

Curious about guns but not sure where to begin?  Our First Shots class is perfect for you! 

In partnership with the National Shooting Sports Foundation ("NSSF"), On Guard Defense introduces new shooters to the universal gun safety rules, proper gun handling techniques and live-fire shooting whether pistols, rifles or shotguns.

Check our Course Schedule or Contact Us if you'd like to arrange for a group event for homeschoolers, groups or clubs.

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Night Vision Training
night vision

Night time is the right time to break out your night vision gear and head out to On Guard Defense!  Check our Course Schedule for upcoming dates.  Rentals available if you don't have your own gear.

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Raving Fans

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Had a group of 10 fairly inexperienced shooters head down for a birthday party last month. From top to bottom a class company. Engaging ownership, intelligent instructors, beautiful property, great guns and targets. I will be back!

Luke B.
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I enjoyed the Basic Pistol class and learned so much! I also liked how the instructors spent time after class to answer all my questions. I can't wait to get home and buy my first gun!

Paula F.
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Wonderful experience!!! My boyfriend is a Marine so he is very experienced but I have only shot handguns, this was my first time shooting a rifle. Scott briefed us on the safety of the range and made sure I understood what to expect shooting a different type of gun. Having that guidance made me very comfortable. What a great way to end our trip to Hocking Hills!!! We will definitely be back!!!

Nicki M.