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Couples Day at the Range

Chris & Whitney-Cole travel from out of state each year to spend a romantic getaway here in the Hocking Hills! While there is much to see and do out here, their visit always includes range time at On Guard Defense Training Center to hone their shooting skills and just have some fun!.

We always look forward to our trip here; especially coming to your range!

couples-day-at-the-range-01.jpg couples-day-at-the-range-02.jpg couples-day-at-the-range-03.jpg couples-day-at-the-range-04.jpg couples-day-at-the-range-05.jpg couples-day-at-the-range-06.jpg couples-day-at-the-range-07.jpg couples-day-at-the-range-08.jpg couples-day-at-the-range-09.jpg couples-day-at-the-range-10.jpg couples-day-at-the-range-11.jpg couples-day-at-the-range-12.jpg couples-day-at-the-range-13.jpg couples-day-at-the-range-14.jpg couples-day-at-the-range-15.jpg


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Visitor Attractions

There is so much to see and do in our neck of the woods which is why the Hocking Hills hosts nearly 2 million visitors annually! 

Whether visiting from Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati or beyond, book an event at On Guard Defense where we're making shooting ranges great again!