Beginner & Youth Programs

Learning the safe and proper use of firearms is both informative and fun.  The On Guard Defense Training Center team of instructors has extensive experience working with beginners and children of all ages.

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First Shots for Kids & Parents 101

Skill Level:  Beginner/Basic

Prerequisites:  A responsible adult must accompany the child.  Child must be a minimum height of 48 inches and at least eight years of age.

Objective:  To give the child (and his/her caregiver) an initial positive firearms experience in the safe handling and shooting of a firearm.  Low recoil .22 caliber firearms can be utilized from our rental fleet ($15 rental fee for gun and ammunition) or you may bring a .22 caliber firearm to use.

Course Description: The class includes safety videos and hands-on instruction in the 3 firearm safety rules.  Safe firearm manipulation is demonstrated and practiced.  Emphasis is put on safely firing a firearm and satisfying a child's natural curiosity about handguns.

Session Length:  2 hours

Cost:  $30.00 per adult; $10 per child

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Beginning Pistol Skills & Drills

Skill Level:  Beginner/New to Firearms

Prerequisites:  Curiosity and enthusiasm

Objective:  To become familiar with holding and firing pistols safely and efficiently.

Course Description:  A shooting class teaching basic fundamentals where students will learn how to handle a gun safely and how to practice at the range.  Taught along National Rifle Association (NRA) guidelines, the new enthusiast will learn how to operate both a revolver and a semi-automatic pistol.  This will aid in future gun selection for personal protection and concealed carry.

This is a live-fire course where students will shoot up to 100 rounds.  A .22 caliber pistol is provided for participants, however, if you have your own gun (.22 caliber or higher), we recommend you bring it so we can instruct you using your own firearm. Rental guns and ammunition are available at additional charge. 

Session Length:  3.5 hours

Cost:  $90.00

NRA Home Firearm Safety Course

Skill Level:  Beginner

Prerequisites:  None

Objective:  This course teaches safe gun handling and is conducted in the classroom only.

Course Description:  This course introduces students to the NRA’s three rules for safe gun handling; primary causes of unintended discharges of a firearm; handgun, rifle and shotgun parts and operation; ammunition components; how to unload specified action types; cleaning, care of safe storage of firearms in the home; and, learn the benefits of becoming an active participant in the shooting sports. All students will receive the NRA Home Firearm Safety handbook, NRA Gun Safety Rules brochure, Basic Firearm Training Program brochure, and a course completion certificate. This is a non-shooting course.

Items Required for Class:  Photo I.D. and pen/paper for note-taking.  Please do NOT bring a firearm or live ammunition to this class.  Beverages and snacks will be provided.

Session Length: 4 hours

Cost:  $65.00

All NRA courses are specifically noted above & unless noted, all other course offerings are not NRA Courses.



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