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Close-Quarters Battle (CQB): Krav Maga & Defensive Knife

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Mindset is your greatest weapon, but fists do more damage! According to the FBI Uniform Crime Report (UCR), more people were killed with fists & feet than they were with rifles in 2020. [Breitbart article published Sept. 27, 2021].

The fact is that critical incidents go down fast and close (typically between 9 - 15 feet). A violent criminal jacked up on who knows what can close that distance in less than two seconds. That means if you're fortunate enough to be armed that day, you still may not have enough time to access your weapon before your attacker is in arm's reach.

Is your goose already cooked? No! The fight is never over until you give up!!

Learning unarmed self-defense is a critical part of your personal defense strategy. We favor Krav Maga, which was developed for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), because it promotes simple, yet effective, techniques designed to do the most damage with as little time & effort as possible, allowing you to escape or create distance to access your gun.

Instructors Katie Smith and Judi Phelps will teach you the fighting skills & techniques you need to address common attack scenarios. We'll start with the basics and build on those fundamental skills as we progress through the program refining our techniques and committing them to muscle memory.

This course is co-ed and open to students ages 12 and older. This is a hands-on and physically demanding class, but will also be modified to accommodate all fitness levels, injuries or limitations. Please let us know if you need special accommodations.

Session Length: 1 Hour (1pm-2pm) | Cost: $15

Martial Blade Concepts (MBC) is a self-defense system developed by Michael Janich that focuses on simple, instinctive motions that are easy to learn and apply under stress.

Through Martial Blade Concepts (MBC), you'll not only learn to fight with the knife you carry, but you'll understand the destructive power of that knife and how it can be applied to targets that reliably stop attackers of all sizes and physiques.

Real self-defense is about stopping an attacker from harming you or your loved ones. MBC Associate Instructor Katie Smith will help you develop the skills you need to effectively use all the tools at your disposal to survive and thrive.   

Session Length: 1 Hour (2:30pm-3:30pm) | Cost: $15

Krav Maga & Defensive Knife classes are held back-to-back (30 min. break in between classes). Attend both classes for $20.00!

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Upon receipt of your registration form, you will receive a separate email containing a link for you to submit secure payment via credit card. Once payment is received, your seat will be secured. If you prefer to pay by cash or check, payment must be received one week prior to class.

In the event you need to cancel, no refund will be issued. You may use your credit on account toward purchase of another class if applied within one (1) year of the date of original cancellation, otherwise no refund / credit will be issued.

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