Defensive Rifle I

Skill Level: Entry Level

Prerequisites: None

Objective: Students will learn the safe and proper operation and manipulation of their rifle systems along with basic fundamentals and movement designed to increase confidence and proficiency.

Course Description: This course is task-based rather than time-based and designed to meet students at their individual skill level. All drills will be thoroughly explained, demonstrated by a certified instructor and students will have the opportunity to proceed through the courses (dry-fire) prior to progressing to the live-fire drills. Our instructors work closely with students to ensure safe and successful movement throughout the various courses of fire and assist, as required.

Course topics include:

  • Reloads (emergency vs. tactical);
  • Recognizing different types of malfunctions and understanding how to safely and quickly resolve them;
  • Introduction to movement (getting off the “X” and line drills); and,
  • Action / Reaction.

Items Required for Class: A serviceable Modular Sporting Rifle in the AR or AK platform with confirmed “zero” sight; rifle sling; back-up iron sights if using electronic aiming device (i.e. Red Dot); spare magazine holder(s) and / or dump pouch; two (2) spare magazines (3 in total); and, 300 rounds of rifle ammunition (at minimum). No armor piercing, steel core, tracer, or any other type of incendiary ammunition is permitted at our range. Sturdy, close-toed shoes are required. No tank tops, sleeveless or deep V-neck shirts.

Session Length: + / - Eight (8) hours (lunch provided)

Date:  Saturday, September 7 from 9:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M.

Cost: $150.00 per student (tax included)


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