Defensive Rifle III

Skill Level: Advanced

Prerequisites: Defensive Rifle II

Physical Requirements: In order to participate in this class, you must understand the basics of how your firearm operates including being able to lock open and close the action as well as load and unload the firearm safely.

You should be able to “field strip” your firearm according to the owner’s manual for maintenance and cleaning.

You must be able to operate in a safe and controlled manner. We will find a balance between speed and accuracy while maintaining safety. Muzzle discipline (where the gun is pointed) and awareness is paramount.

You must also possess the physical strength and stamina to repetitively function and fire your weapon during training drills, as well as be able to move forward, backward, and laterally, while maintaining control of yourself and your firearm at all times. You are also expected to be able to sit, stand, kneel, bend, lie prone, and assume various shooting positions from cover/concealment.

You must exercise self-discipline and be able to maintain mental, physical, and emotional control without becoming overexcited or otherwise losing your composure.

You must accept coaching and follow instructions and all commands as well as have a keen awareness and consideration for other participants while handling firearms, especially while conducting live fire drills in close proximity of one another.

Objective: This is for students serious about their rifle skills and wanting to further build on their proficiency, speed and ability to engage multiple targets on the move, utilizing cover/concealment while under increased stress.

Course Description: This course is designed with the expectation that minimum explanation / demonstration of tasks will be provided to the student. Rather, the instructors provide students specific scenarios for which they must safely engage including weapon transitions; speed; accuracy; and, proper use of cover/concealment. Shot timers and low light scenarios will be introduced as time permits.

Items Required for Class: A serviceable Modular Sporting Rifle in the AR or AK platform with confirmed “zero” sight; rifle sling; back-up iron sights if using electronic aiming device (i.e. Red Dot); spare magazine holder(s) and / or dump pouch (rifle & pistol); two (2) spare magazines (3 in total for both rifle and pistol); and, 300 rounds of rifle ammunition and 200 rounds of pistol ammunition (at minimum). No armor piercing, steel core, tracer, or any other type of incendiary ammunition is permitted at our range. Sturdy, close-toed shoes are required. No tank tops, sleeveless or deep V-neck shirts.

Session Length: + / - Eight (8) hours (lunch provided)

Date:  Saturday, November 6 beginning at 9:00 A.M.

Cost: $175.00 per student (tax included) 

Complete the form below to reserve a spot.  A minimum of three (3) students are required to hold the class.


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