Concealed Carry 2:  Drawing from a Holster

Do you carry your gun every day?

  drawing from a holster

Invest in Your Personal Protection

If you've already got your CHL/CCW, don't stop there!  You need to take the next step to learn how to safely draw your gun from a holster and avoid an accidental (read "negligent) discharge.  CC2:  Drawing from a Holster is a MUST for those that actually carry each day OR for those that need to build further confidence so they will choose to carry each day.  

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Concealed carry 2: drawing from a holster

Skill Level: Intermediate.

Prerequisites: Must have successfully completed your concealed carry class.

Objective: Students will learn to draw from a holster, perform emergency reloads and to develop more complex firearms skills needed for real-world defensive scenarios.


cC2: drawing from a holster Course Description

This class is hands-on and will focus primarily on range skills. Skills will be explained and demonstrated on the range by the instructor and includes:

Topics Include

  • Reviewing different types and levels of holsters designed for concealed carry
  • Learning the 5 steps for safely drawing from a holster
  • Understanding the types & causes of weapon malfunctions and how to resolve them
  • Performing weapon malfunction drills under simulated stressful situations
  • Understanding and practicing emergency & tactical reloading skills
  • Developing target-recognition skills, performing drills and shooting while moving using a shot timer.


Items Required for Class

  • Sturdy, close-toed shoes
  • pants with belt loops and a belt
  • t-shirt/undershirt to prevent irritation from repetitive draw exercises
  • hat
  • holster (strong side, outside-the-waistband or inside the waistband-only)
  • firearm
  • two (2) magazines
  • a magazine holder
  • 250 rounds of ammunition

Session Length: 4 Hours

Cost: $125.00 per student

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