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OPOTC Law Enforcement Firearms Requalification Program


Ohio law requires peace officers and other law enforcement officers to annually requalify with the type and caliber of duty firearm carried. The federal Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act permits qualified current and retired / former law enforcement officers to carry handguns nationwide.

The Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission Ohio Law Enforcement Firearms Requalification Program is offered at On Guard Defense Training Center by OPOTC-certified instructors for active, retired, and former officers. We are able to provide requalification for officers on revolvers, semi autos, police patrol rifles and shotguns carried the way the officer carries on duty.

If an officer fails, he may be provided one additional attempt at instructor option, after limited coaching. Results are provided to the officer, not the agency, unless the agency has retained OGD to do the requalification and asks for all scores to be sent directly. All officers requalifying in the Program will receive a Mini Wallet Card/Certificate and the original score sheet signed by our OPOTC instructor(s) for their agency training record.

Target Audience:  Active municipal police, village/city officers; deputy sheriffs, rangers/park officers; LE administrators; OPOTC requalification instructors; retired or former LEOs with 10 years’ former service or honorable retirement.

Prerequisites:  Sworn Ohio peace officer or law enforcement officer, or retired or qualified former law enforcement officer from any jurisdiction residing in Ohio; produce credentials upon arrival, including agency photo ID.

NOTE: It is up to the officer to check and ensure that his/her agency will accept our OPOTC requalification. Some agencies mandate officers requalify with the agency instructor. We are an option for officers who miss their agency’s requalification, who are retired, or for other firearms instructors who can’t requalify themselves.

Learning Objectives:   

• Test officer proficiency in marksmanship, gun handling and tactics on state courses of fire;
• Legal review and testing of OPOTC Deadly Force Training Supplement;
• Limited remedial coaching/training available if necessary;
• Compliance with ORC § 109.801;
• Compliance with OAC rules 109:2-13;
• Compliance with Law Enforcement Officer’s Safety Act (LEOSA) 18 USC 926B, C; and,
• Debriefing by instructor as to officer performance and gear and coaching ideas.

Instructional Methods:  Short classroom lecture, weapon(s) inspection/field strip, group discussion, range safety briefing, live fire, exit briefing.

Necessary Equipment:  Government issued photo ID, plus an official law enforcement agency photo identification; firearm to be requalified with and sufficient and appropriate ammunition plus accessories; hearing protection; eye protection; ball cap; utility knife; duty/tactical flashlight; gun cleaning supplies; and, equipment.

Duty handgun (60 rounds); backup handgun (20 rounds); shotgun (10 buckshot/5 slug optional); patrol rifle (150 rounds); proper safe duty holsters/slings; minimum 1 spare mag or speed loader/strip for each handgun or rifle; ammunition pouches; duty belt/gear; cover garment; tactical flashlight; utility knife; ball cap; and, hearing/eye protection.

Session Length:  Typically less than 2 hours.

Course Fee: $50.00 (includes one duty handgun only – revolver or semi auto)

Additional duty handgun of any type (each additional) - $25.00
Secondary/backup handgun (per revolver or semi-auto) if added to handgun/shotgun requal - $20.00
Secondary or backup handgun only (each – revolver or semi-auto) - $25
Shotgun only (each - slide action or semi-auto) - $25.00
Shotgun if added to any other handgun or rifle requalification - $10.00
Patrol Rifle (Police Rifle/Carbine) only - $50.00
Patrol Rifle (Police Rifle/Carbine) requalification if added to another handgun or shotgun requal - $40.00

Course Date:  Saturday, November 2, 2019 at 9:00 A.M.

Complete the registration form below to secure your spot.  Payment is due upon your arrival; cash and credit cards accepted. 



Private Security Training

At this time, licensed private security, licensed private investigators, corporate security, loss prevention, close protection, and other private-sector protection professionals may request custom training from OGD or enroll in one of our other basic or advanced firearms or defensive courses. We can be a range master for a private security agency and provide agency-wide training at your facility or ours.

OPOTC Private Security Firearms Training Program: At this time, we do not offer the basic or requalification course for private investigators and security guards who desire to qualify for registration with the Department of Public Safety. However, we may offer this service in the future if there is sufficient interest in the region. If you would like to receive information about future OPOTC private security firearms training opportunities at OGD, please complete our contact form and in the notes: state “OPOTC private security course interest.”

Please contact us for further information about security training.


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