On Guard Defense Training Center & Shooting Range

The On Guard Defense team was professional, friendly and effective in teaching us firearm safety.

Would highly recommend them to anyone who wants a fun day on the range!

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Welcome to the Range!

Nestled in the beautiful Hocking Hills region of southeast Ohio, On Guard Defense Training Center and Shooting Range is a one-stop shop for your unarmed self-defense, firearms and archery training needs.  There's so much to do in the Hocking Hills, you might just want to stay awhile.  Check out our Plan Your Trip page for lodging ideas.

We currently offer a 65-yard Tactical outdoor shooting range with covered firing line that supports pistol, rifle and shotgun enthusiasts! Side berms and rear back stop are in excess of 20 feet.  This allows us to do shoot and move exercises, drawing from a holster, and to shoot from a variety of positions while engaging paper, steel, swinging targets and more! At On Guard Defense, we offer shooting experiences you just can't find anywhere else!!

Our outdoor Pistol range measures 35-yards and is just a shorter version of our Tactical range without the covered firing line.  A covered sitting / prep area is on range for readying your gear and having a place to relax when not shooting.  

If you're into sporting clays or just want to give it a "whirl", we've got you covered!  We offer a Whirlybird target thrower that launches the clays that shooters engage with 12- or 20-guage shotguns from five different shooting positions.

If guns aren't your thing, consider giving archery a shot!  Our archery range has four targets that you can shoot from up to 40 yards.  We also have a tower on range if you want to zero your bow from an elevated position for the upcoming hunting season.

We welcome tourists visiting our area and are also open to the general public during our regular business hours.  We can host groups and corporate/special events any day of the week. 

 Contact us to schedule a range appointment

No Guns? No Problem! Rentals are Available!!

Heritage Rough Rider

Caliber - 22LR

Single Action Western Style Revolver Replica of the Colt single action Army gun that helped tame the wild west.

Perfect for beginners and fun to shoot.

All the hallmarks of a legendary wheelgun.

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Smith&Wesson M&P Compact

Caliber - 22LR

Reduced scale version of full sized M&P semi-automatic pistol. 

Great for new shooters, very little recoil.

Target shooting and training.

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Smith&Wesson M&P EZ

Caliber - .380 auto

Better for shooters with small hands.

EZ to rack slide.

Smallest recommended caliber self defense semi-automatic 

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Smith&Wesson M&P EZ

Caliber - 9mm

Ideal for shooters with small hands.

EZ to rack slide.

Most common and least expensive self defense cartridge.

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Glock 43

Caliber - 9mm

Micro compact concealed carry.

Barrel length only 3.41 inches and 17.99 ounces

Magazine capacity - 6 rounds

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Sig Sauer P365

Caliber - 9mm

Micro-compact every day carry

Tritium night sights with a similar feel to the Sig P320

Large capacity micro-compact - 12 rounds

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Glock 19

Caliber - 9mm

Excellent concealed handgun choice

Magazine capacity - 10 or 15 rounds

Industry standard for semi-automatic pistols

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Glock 17

Caliber - 9mm

Most widely used law enforcement semi-automatic pistol.

Larger than Glock 19.

Large magazine capacity - 17 rounds.

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Sig Sauer P320

Caliber - 9mm

Compact concealed carry semi-automatic pistol.

Smaller version of US Military Service pistol M17 and M18.

Large capacity magazine - 15 rounds

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Ruger GP100 Revolver

Caliber - 38 special and .357 Magnum

Double action / Single action revolver.

Smooth trigger press with excellent accuracy.

Cylinder capacity - 6 rounds

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Viper MCK - Full Conceal

Caliber - 9mm

Folding Micro Conversion Pistol frame from Full Conceal.

Folding Glock 19 inside Micro Conversion Kit.

Features a SightMark reflex sight with green and red dot.

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Ruger 10/22

Caliber - 22LR

Hunter camouflage semi-automatic rifle.

Great for new shooters.  No recoil.

Features a red and green reflex sight making this rifle easy to aim.

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Remington 597

Caliber - 22LR

Well-designed semi-automatic rifle with scope.

Great for beginners with no recoil.

Magazine capacity - 10 rounds.

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Ruger 10/22  AR15 Model

Caliber - 22LR

Ruger 10/22 semi-automatic rifle with AR15 conversion kit from ATI

Magazine capacity - 25 rounds

Features a red and green reflex sight making this rifle easy to aim.

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Smith&Wesson M&P 15

Caliber - 5.56mm or .223 or 22LR

M4 style carbine semi-automatic rifle - AR15 platform.

Features a SightMark reflex sight with red and green reticle.

Bolt converts from .223 to 22LR which makes this popular platform cheaper to shoot.

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Henry Big Boy Lever Action

Caliber - 38 Special / .357 Magnum

Lever action cowboy rifle.

Smooth action and fun to shoot.

Tube magazine capacity - 8 rounds.

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Marlin 1894 Lever Action

Caliber - .45 Long Colt

Beautiful wooden cowboy rifle.

Smooth lever action.

So much fun to shoot.

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Mossberg 500

Caliber - 12 Gauge

Shotgun for shooting steel targets or clays.

Slide action with thumb safety.

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Remington 870

Caliber - 12 Gauge

Pump action shotgun.

Use for shooting targets or clays.

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Visitor Attractions

There is so much to see and do in our neck of the woods which is why the Hocking Hills hosts nearly 2 million visitors annually! 

Whether visiting from Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati or beyond, book an event at On Guard Defense where we're making shooting ranges great again!