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Our Workshops are mini-classes on a variety of topics designed for folks who are short on time but also understand the importance of learning new skills to keep them safe. Unless otherwise noted, all Workshops are $59 and approximately 1/2 day in length, beginning at 1pm and ending by 5pm.  

Check out available Workshop dates below and complete the registration form at the bottom of the page to reserve your spot. We look forward to seeing you!

In addition to Workshops being held at On Guard Defense Training Center and Shooting Range, for any Workshop that doesn't involve live-fire training, we are also available to come to you for group training. Let us know your needs and we can customize a workshop that works for you.

Getting Started: Handguns
Getting started with handguns
Choosing a Gun & Gear

If you're thinking about purchasing a pistol to carry or for home protection, this is where to get started.  We'll review universal gun safety rules, compare semi-autos and revolvers, discuss gun handling fundamentals, and apply what you learn through dry-fire and live-fire drills.  We'll also discuss different types of holsters, belts, and different methods of carrying.  Includes rental gun and ammunition, dedicated Instructors and Range Safety Officers, eye/ear protection, and targets. 

Staying Legally Safe
Ohio gun laws with attorney Michael R Moran
Ohio Gun Laws & Pistol Basics

Your family and friends will tell you that you don't need training since Ohio became a Constitutional (permitless) Carry state. They are wrong.  While you no longer are required to attend the eight hours of training and associated concealed handgun license to lawfully carry your concealed handgun, you ARE still responsible for knowing the laws associated with possessing firearms AND following them.  Ignorance is never an excuse for violating the law.  This class will give you a primer (or review) in pistol handling and universal gun safety rules. We'll discuss the legal use of force, as well as what you need to know about Ohio guns laws, proper gun storage, and the anatomy of a defensive situation.

Defensive Mindset
Close quarters combat Krav Maga
Earning the Draw (Krav Maga)

As the saying goes, you win every fight you're not in.  Developing a defensive mindset and practicing solid situational awareness can keep you out of many sticky situations. When violent encounters do happen, they are often up close and personal.  There also might be a possibility that the attacker is armed with a knife, gun, or other weapon. If you think you don't have to worry because you're armed, too - think again!  You may have to fight your way out of a bad situation in order to allow you to access your firearm. Or better yet (if you can do so safely), escape!  This workshop teaches defensive mindset, introduces you to the powerful, yet simplistic, unarmed self-defense techniques using Krav Maga, and learn disarm strategies to defend against knife and gun attacks.

Knife Defense
Martial Blade Concepts
Martial Blade Concepts (MBC)

Most of us carry a knife in our pockets or purses because they are so useful for everyday tasks.  But if your knife becomes your primary tool for self-defense and/or you are attacked by a knife-wielding maniac, you want to be prepared to fight back! 

This workshop covers blade deployment, grip and stance, defensive responses, targeting, and flow drills (building reps).  Bring your own trainer knife or you can borrow ours at no extra charge.

Proper Care and Storage
Gun and cleaning kit
Gun Cleaning & Maintenance

If you're depending on your guns and gear to work when you need them most, you've got to give them the care and attention they need to ensure they are in safe and proper working order. 

Bring some ammo to class with you and we'll head out to the range to get some live-fire training in before we go to the classroom to break them down, clean and inspect the parts, and reassemble.  We'll also discuss developing a maintenance schedule so you keep on top of this important task.

Getting Started: AR-15
Loading AR15 magazine
Intro to the AR-15

Automatic Rifle?  Assault Rifle? Neither.  Don't believe the fake news and ridiculous rants about the AR-15.  In this class, you'll learn the history of this weapon system (including what the "AR" stands for), the versatility of this rifle, and why it's the safest and easiest gun to shoot!  If you've got an AR-15 already, bring it with you along with some ammo.  If you're new and just want to learn more and try before you buy, you can use ours for free.  You just purchase whatever ammo you use in addition to the workshop fee.

Reserve your seat by registering below:

You will receive an email with a link where you can submit secure payment via credit card.  For those that wish to pay by check, payments must be received 14 days prior to the event.

Cancellation Policy:  If you need to cancel, your deposit will be fully refunded if you notify us at least two weeks prior to the event.  Cancellations made between 3-13 days prior to your event will result in a credit being held on account which you may apply toward a future service if scheduled within one calendar year.  No refund will be issued if canceled for any reason less than 48 hours prior to your scheduled event. 

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