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Lady Warrior Weekend 1

April 22 - 24, 2022

Once again, my lovely Lady Warriors kicked butt! LWW1 is all about getting confident with our pistols. We practice solid safety skills while manipulating our gun with ease. We learn to draw from the holster, engage multiple targets, shoot one-handed while deploying our flashlights to identify a threat in low-light/no light situations, and learn unarmed self-defense skills with CKM Krav Maga techniques when we don't have ready access to our firearms.

Defensive Rifle

April 2022

If you've got a Modern Sporting Rifle and want to learn how to run that gun for home defense, check out our Defensive Rifle classes!

Lady Warrior Weekend 1

May 20 - 22, 2022

These Lady Warriors were a force to be reckoned with! Unfortunately, for the first time at any LWW event, we were sidelined on our night shoot due to thunderstorms. But it was all good! These ladies can return for a future LWW1 event and take part in the night shoot they missed out on.

Why be a lady when you can be a Lady Warrior?  What are YOU waiting for?? 

Couples Home Defense Retreat

June 24 - 26, 2022

You've got guns in the house and multiple gun operators. But do you have a plan when SHTF? Check out our awesome clients who invest in their training and are put through real-world scenarios to measure their ability to react.  We've got a few spots left for our Oct 14-16 class, which will be the last for 2022.  

Teen Adventure Camp 2022

June 27 - 29, 2022

These kids did an amazing job and always kept safety first! They learned to appreciate the shooting sports by engaging in pistol and rifle gun handling and live-fire events. They also had the chance to experience archery and the challenge of getting their arrows on target.

Finally, they dipped their toes into the world of unarmed self-defense using techniques originating from Krav Maga. Wonderful kids and future leaders!

Lady Warrior Weekend 2

July 8 - 10, 2022

These ladies rocked Lady Warrior 1 and returned for Lady Warrior Weekend 2 where they got their hands on pistols, rifles, and shotguns!

They learned to shoot from behind cover, how to navigate corners and hallways, engaged multiple shoot/no shoot targets, learned weapon disarming techniques and strategies to fight back against vehicle-involved attacks!

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Ladies' Events

Lady Warriors in the Making

On Guard Defense specializes in training men, women and kids about gun safety, proper gun handling fundamentals and how to utilize your skills with firearms for hunting, sport or self-defense!

Lady Warrior Weekend 

September 2021

On Guard Defense takes ladies and transforms them into Lady Warriors! Whether a beginner or experienced, ladies spend the weekend building confidence while learning defensive pistol techniques and unarmed self-defense using Krav Maga! We even pick up some new friends along the way!

Lady Warrior Weekend

October 2021

Lady Warriors aren't born...they're made @ On Guard Defense on Lady Warrior Weekend!! These ladies were bringin' it & it shows!!

Lady Warriors - Summer 2019

Lady Warrior Weekend @ On Guard Defense 2019

Check out our Summer 2019 Lady Warrior Weekend highlights. Our lovely ladies kicked ass in the gym and on the range!!

Marlene and Friends

Marlene and Friends at the Range

Marlene and her friends visit The On Guard Defense Training Center and Shooting Range in the beautiful Hocking Hills of Ohio.

Girls and Guns

Girls and Guns at the On Guard Defense Training Center and Shooting Range in the Hocking Hills of Ohio.

Recent EventsLadies' EventsGroup Events


Not your Typical Range

On Guard Defense is different -- and that's by design!

On Guard Defense is Ohio's premier self-defense training center & shooting range! Watch to learn some of the reasons that set us apart from the rest!!

Visit the On Guard Defense Training Center and Shooting Range
in the Hocking Hills of Ohio

 Gun Safety Rules

4 Universal Gun Safety Rules

In this video, I describe the four universal gun safety rules, why they are important to follow, and how to clear a semi-automatic pistol. Be safe!!

Defensive Rifle Classes

Defensive Rifle training at the On Guard Defense Training Center.  Students learn to operate their home defense rifle from a variety of positions, clear malfunctions, change magazines and transition from their rifle to their pistol.

Ban the AR15?

You want to ban the AR-15? You can't be serious!!

The AR and AK platforms have become the most popular home-defense weapon systems -- and for good reason! On Guard Defense offers advanced training that teaches students how to get the most bang for their buck -- understanding how to rapidly clear weapon malfunctions and navigate close quarters to gain a defensive edge over the attacker in a home-invasion scenario. Learn to master your home defense rifle and prepare for what you hope will never happen.

Advanced Training

Advanced Firearms Training @ On Guard Defense

Owning a firearm doesn't make you "armed" any more than owning a guitar makes you a "rock star".  

You have to train.  Gun handling is a perishable skill.  Sign up for our Defensive Pistol 2 course and learn the right way to draw from a holster and put shots on target.

Defensive Pistol 2

Defensive Pistol 2: Drawing from a Holster - April 6, 2019

These folks recognize that training doesn't stop after you get your concealed carry permit. Learning to safely draw from the holster is a skill you need in order to be a competent and safe concealed carrier.

Training on the Range

April 2019 events at the On Guard Defense Training Center and shooting Range

Spring Training

OBCOA Spring 2018 Training Conference

Ohio Bailiff and Court Officer Association spring training conference 2018 at the On Guard Defense Training Center and Shooting Range.

On Guard Defense is a great place to schedule your next group or team event.

Recent EventsLadies' EventsClass Videos

Group Events

Erasing Disk Drives

What's the best way to erase disk drives?

Here a team from Dell / EMC found a creative way to conduct a secure data erasure from those old hard drives.  

No hacker is going to get any personal information from that storage system!

Let's face it, golf is BORING!  Take your group out to do something much more interesting at  the On Guard Defense Training Center and Shooting Range!

Family Fun at the Range

This family took advantage of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) First Shots program to learn about gun safety, gun handling & to throw some rounds down range.

You know what they say....a family that shoots together stays together. And they're always safe :)

Couples Day

Couples Day at the Range

This couple travels from out of state each year to spend a romantic getaway here in the Hocking Hills!

While there is much to see and do out here, their visit always includes range time at On Guard Defense Training Center to hone their shooting skills and just have some fun!

Dell Team Building

Dell Isilon UDS - Team Building Event 2018

A group of IT consultants converged on our range for their 2nd annual team-building event and shooting competition. This year we added steel targets, rifles & shotgun to the mix. A great day for all!!

Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party 3 Gun shoot

Chris and his buddies celebrate his bachelor party at the On Guard Defense Training Center with a 3 gun shoot.

3 Gun Shoot

3 Guns Are Better Than 1

If you've always wanted to run a 3-gun course without the pressure of competition, come on out to On Guard Defense Training Center & Shooting Range! Steel targets, drop down targets, moving targets & more!! All live-fire drills are supervised by Certified Range Safety Officers.

Matt's Bachelor Party

Matt's Bachelor Party at the Range

Matt and his friends spend the day at the On Guard Defense Training Center Shooting Range to celebrate his upcoming nuptials.

Not your normal Gun Range

A group of visitors to the Hocking Hills explore the On Guard Defense Training Center and Shooting Range. This is definitely not your "normal" shooting range. Three weapon systems, moving targets and obstacles, combined with Range Safety Officers to help the new shooters.

Summer Bachelor Party

June 14, 2019 Bachelor Party on the Range

A great way to celebrate with the guys, a Bachelor Party on the On Guard Defense Training Center in the Hocking Hills Ohio

Aaron’s Bachelor Party

Aaron’s Bachelor Party at the Shooting Range – On Guard Defense style!!

The bridegroom and his buddies had a blast celebrating his bachelor party at On Guard Defense! Shooting sporting clays with shotguns and enjoying a 3-gun competitive shoot on our tactical range engaging multiple targets from behind concealment….shooting on the move and performing tactical reloads. You can’t do that at your average range, kids!! On Guard Defense is different…come on out to the beautiful Hocking Hills and see for yourself!!

Ben's Graduation

Ben's Graduation Celebration at On Guard Defense

Ben's family came together to celebrate his college graduation and spend some quality time shooting & bonding at the range :)

Tyler's Bachelor Party

Tyler's Bachelor Party - May 23, 2019

Charles is called "Best Man" for many reasons - including making the call to On Guard Defense to host a Bachelor Party for his buddy Tyler!

Check out the guys enjoying archery & shooting clay targets with shotguns!

What a blast!!

A Dad and his Kids

This awesome Dad took the Kids shooting for the day in the Hocking Hills of Ohio at the On Guard Defense Training Center. We started with gun safety and handling in the classroom and then moved out to the range.

Paul's Bachelor Party

Paul's Bachelor Party - May 4, 2019

Brian arranged for On Guard Defense to host his good friend Paul's Bachelor Party. Pistols, AR-15's and a friendly competition shoot! Best wishes to Paul & his lovely bride-to-be for a happy & healthy future as husband & wife :)

Turkey Hunt

Vinton County Sharp Spurs

Vinton County (Ohio) chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation -- the Vinton County Sharp Spurs -- for their 2019 Youth JAKES Spring Turkey Hunt! In addition to the hunt, the kids got to practice their archery & shotgun skills under the supervision of parents and volunteers.

Couples Outing in Hocking Hills

Joy and Don September 2018

Another couple staing in the Hocking Hills made a visit the On Guard Defense Training Center.  They had a chance to experience shooting pistols, shotguns and bows all in the same trip

Spring at the Range

Spring has *officially* sprung and it is bringing out the shooters!!

We had a mixed bag of shooters ranging from bachelor parties to Mom's Weekend @ nearby Ohio University and everything in between! Thanks to everyone for coming out to On Guard Defense to share in fellowship, fun & firearms :)

Good times

Good times on the range!

Anytime is a good time to further develop your firearms safety & handling skills. This is a compilation of the many fine folks that chose to spend their winter days at On Guard Defense. We've hosted groups of families & friends as well as those that come out to make new friends with folks with shared interests -- we're all family at OGD!

Congrats to those that successfully completed our Ohio Concealed Carry course & to the kids who attended & passed the ODNR Hunter Education Course....well done to all!!

Golf is BORING!!

RedBuilt 2018 Team Event

The RedBuilt team came out to the range for a team building event. What a great day to be on the range!

Let's face it, golf is BORING! Get your team and your customers together for a truly unique, team building and bonding experience at the On Guard Defense Training Center.  The indoor classroom with full audio video capability, and high speed internet will allow you to introduce new products to your customers and then spend the afternoon on the range creating memorable experiences.

Annual Retreat

7Z2 Annual Retreat 2018

Annual Retreat 2018 7Z2
On Guard Defense Training Center

Bachelor Party at the Shooting Range

Bachelor Party at the Shooting Range

Another group of Bachelor's spending the day at the shooting range. So much better than a round of golf or getting wasted in Vegas.

Client Testimonials

Placeholder Picture

This was a high energy experience that far exceeded my expectations. The instructor's passion for teaching this course could not have been more evident, and her willingness to help each individual in the class excel was amazing.

Mark S.
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I couldn't imagine a more comfortable and educational environment with knowledgeable staff who are patient and understanding. Judi, Scott, and their team members are fully committed to safety and properly educating each student. I strongly recommend On Guard Defense training for any one of any age who are interested in protecting themselves and their family.

Stephen N.
Placeholder Picture

Professional, informative, productive and very enjoyable sessions were provided by Judi Phelps. So glad our group found her.

Pat B.